Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

Coastal management

We need to preserve and protect the natural character of the coastal environment. It is also necessary to provide for appropriate access and development in the right places.

Our coastal settlements put pressure on coastal resources and amenity*. Continuing to build in the coastal environment exacerbates the risk to people, property, and infrastructure, particularly from the effects of natural hazards and climate change.

*amenity: the pleasantness or attractiveness of a place.

Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

Key issues are addressed by:

  • Mapping the high and outstanding natural character areas
  • Identifying the coastal environment as an overlay, consistent with the Regional Policy Statement.

Your feedback told us that:

  • You support identifying natural character areas
  • Council needs to more directive as to how coastal development occurs to ensure it is appropriate
  • Council needs to better manage adverse effects on characteristics and qualities of natural character
  • There is continued demand for subdivision and residential-type development in the coastal environment
  • Public access is important
  • That the public’s ability to access the coast by vehicle is important.
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