Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

Heritage management

The Far North has a rich history. The stories told through this history are very much part of the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of our communities today. It is important that our heritage is recognised through the District Plan so that these stories, and the artefacts that give structure to them, are protected.

A number of our historic buildings, objects, trees, archaeological sites, cultural heritage and sites of cultural significance to Maori are not adequately protected, or – in some cases – have not yet been formally identified. Consequently, there is a risk that sites are damaged or lost.

Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

Key issues are addressed by:

  • Providing a new approach for revitalising and enabling the use of heritage resources
  • Stronger provisions to ensure that Maori heritage and values are considered.

Your feedback told us that:

  • Additional heritage sites need to be included in the plan
  • Categories 1 and 2 should be split
  • Objectives and policies must flow down to methods
  • Wording should align with RMA and other relevant planning instruments and Acts
  • There is concern that the approach may be too permissive.
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