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Indigenous biodiversity

We have limited information on the location and quality of our indigenous biodiversity, which means it is difficult for landowners to protect and manage this resource. Where indigenous biodiversity occurs on private land, there is tension between the public benefit from its protection and management, and the costs – both perceived and real – on the landowner.

There are significant areas of indigenous biodiversity on Māori land. Whilst we want to protect indigenous biodiversity in these areas, we need to make sure that cultural practices, such as Rongoā Māori, are able to continue.

Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

Key issues are addressed by:

  • Mapping Significant Natural Areas (SNAs)
  • Encouraging protection and enhancement of SNAs

Your feedback told us that:

  • You support mapping of SNAs and including the maps in the District Plan
  • Some policies are hard to understand or differentiate, and alternative wording was suggested
  • Additional permitted activities should be included.
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