Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

Outstanding landscapes and features

Council is required to protect the Far North’s outstanding natural landscapes and features. There is a tension between this requirement and the need to provide landowners with the ability to develop.

We need to protect outstanding natural landscapes and features from inappropriate subdivision, use and development. At the same time, we must enable Maori to benefit from their ancestral lands in ways that do not compromise features or landscapes that are deemed worthy of protection.

Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

Key issues are addressed by:

  • The protection framework reflects the direction of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement and Regional Policy Statement

Your feedback told us you support:

  • Mapping Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Outstanding Natural Features, although there is some concern at the extent of land identified
  • Managing any adverse effects on the identified characteristics and qualities
  • Managing cumulative effects, for example the impact of multiple buildings and structures on a landscape or feature.

We also learned that clarity is needed for earthworks and vegetation clearance thresholds.

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