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Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

Rural sustainability

There are competing demands for a range of land use activities in our Rural Environment. A permissive planning framework has led, in some areas, to incompatible land uses and significant adverse effects on rural character, amenity and indigenous biodiversity.

In some areas, the fragmentation and sterilisation of productive land and highly versatile soils is undermining the future viability of primary production activities, infrastructure and services.

Applying the Rural Production zone across the majority of the District with a single set of provisions has not appropriately responded to issues faced by our different areas and communities.

Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

It is also important that our District Plan acknowledges and reflects that our rural settlements differ in their ability to access the infrastructure and services available in urban centres.

Key issues are addressed by:

  • A new Horticulture Zone, which protects our high-quality soils for food production.
  • A new Rural Settlement Zone, which recognises that our rural communities have different needs than our urban areas.
  • Stronger Rural Production Zone provisions to better manage our rural land and reduce urban sprawl.
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