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Urban sustainability

A permissive approach to development has compromised urban character, amenity and the ability to provide infrastructure. A number of commercial and industrial activities are located in unserviced rural areas because lower land cost and minimal regulation. In some cases this means existing infrastructure is used inefficiently, and it makes infrastructure planning and deployment difficult to forecast.

Furthermore, some urban zoned land (commercial, mixed-use, industrial, and residential) – where we should be developing – is not currently serviced by infrastructure.

We need to make sure that the right activities are happening in the right places.

Far North District Council - Let's Plan Together

The National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (2018) requires us to provide for future development capacity. As we make these forecasts, we need to consider what our communities can afford, and ensure those areas are resilient to natural hazards and climate change.

Key issues are addressed by:

  • A Mixed-use Zone, which replaces the Commercial Zone, enabling town revitalisation
  • Light and Heavy Industrial Zones, which encourage the right activities in the right places
  • Maximising use of infrastructure, so it is more cost-effective.

Your feedback told us:

  • We need to encourage development in existing residential areas to make best use of current and planned infrastructure
  • You support a variety of housing types and densities
  • In general your support the Mixed-use Zone, but you want more certainty that infrastructure connections are available
  • You support the Light Industrial Zone and Heavy Industrial Zone framework, but we need to manage the potential for reverse sensitivity*.
    *Where a new activity is established that limits the ability of an existing activity to continue.
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